The MyTechPlanner Team

Our team at MyTechPlanner comprises seasoned IT and Business professionals with diverse expertise.

From Aaron's 20+ years of experience in enterprise sales and technology integration to Robs' exceptional customer-centric approach, Charles' renowned marketing knowledge and Kieran's success in business and investments, we bring a wealth of knowledge to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

Together, we simplify software procurement, provide AI-driven unbiased technology consulting, and empower organisations to reach their full potential.

Aaron Gammon: CEO & Founder

Aaron is a highly proficient and accomplished Enterprise Sales and Account Management professional. He boasts an enviable 20 years of unrivalled professional experience, during which he has worked relentlessly to establish himself as an extremely competent and reliable tech enthusiast. With his diverse experience across several cutting-edge technologies, he has refined his skills and expertise in integrating a wide range of technologies into business operations.

Throughout his career, Aaron has worked with a plethora of clients hailing from various industries and sectors, including Tech, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Local Government, and E-Commerce/Retail. He has been the go-to professional for businesses when it comes to aligning technologies to their business needs and has been instrumental in driving productivity levels and establishing long-lasting client relationships.

What sets Aaron apart is that he is always eager to embrace novel ideas and concepts, drawing on his vast experience and knowledge base to provide creative and innovative solutions that meet the needs of his clients. His clients can always rely on his wisdom and astute advice as they navigate the fast-evolving world of technology and business operations. In summary, Aaron is your go-to man for all things technology.

Kieran Thomas: COO & Co-Founder

Kieran is an accomplished entrepreneur who has built his empire from the ground up, overseeing multiple companies in the construction and consultancy sector. Within Sussex, his construction business has earned a reputation as a premier choice for professional contracting services. With an impressive track record spanning 16 years, Kieran leads a dedicated team of experts, specialising in delivering high-quality and tailored building solutions to discerning clientele.

Known for his unwavering pursuit of excellence, Kieran approaches all aspects of his business with a meticulous and disciplined mindset. He sets ambitious goals and remains relentlessly focused until they are achieved, consistently striving for perfection.

In addition to his ventures in construction and consultancy, Kieran is an active investor in MyTechPlanner, a pioneering platform that simplifies software procurement using cutting-edge AI technology. With his keen eye for promising opportunities, Kieran recognises the potential of MyTechPlanner to revolutionise the industry and empower businesses to make informed software decisions.

Beyond his role as an investor, Kieran maintains a diverse investment portfolio spanning various domains such as foreign exchange (FX), stocks and shares, cryptocurrencies, and other noteworthy projects. His astute financial acumen and willingness to explore new opportunities contribute to his success in the realm of investments.

Overall, Kieran embodies the qualities of a visionary entrepreneur and investor. Through his expertise, commitment to excellence, and ventures beyond the construction industry, he continues to make a significant impact in the business, investment, and technology domains.

Charles Head: CMO

Charles is a true visionary and one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in the world. With his extensive experience in the industry, Charles has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leading authority in marketing innovation. Thanks to his unrivalled insights and expertise, he has helped hundreds of businesses and organisations worldwide to reach their full potential through strategic marketing initiatives.

As an accomplished writer, presenter, and host, Charles has become a familiar face to many through his work on Marketing News Tonight, one of the most popular marketing channels on YouTube. With thousands of hours of content consumed by marketing professionals worldwide every day, Charles' influence on the industry is simply unmatched.

He is also a key contributor and partner at the School of Marketing, where he provides cutting-edge knowledge and insights to help students become the next generation of marketing leaders. His expertise and ideas are integrated into the School of Marketing's training programs, ensuring that learners have access to the latest and most effective strategies to succeed in their careers.

Rob Lelliott: CFO

Rob Lelliott is a seasoned financial professional, boasting two decades of experience in diverse finance environments. Rooted in West Sussex, his services and influence span across the UK, making him a recognised figure in the accounting landscape. Rob's dedication to his craft culminated in him earning his accounting qualification in 2008.

For over 12 years, he has been an indispensable asset in practice, where he's adeptly steered thousands of clients through their accounting and tax obligations, a testament to his depth of knowledge and commitment. In 2019, leveraging his vast experience and driven by a vision to provide more tailored and proactive services, Rob launched his own practice. Since its inception, he has been at the forefront, guiding businesses from various sectors. A fervent advocate of cloud accounting, Rob seamlessly melds traditional accounting principles with cutting-edge technology, ensuring his clients are not only compliant but also strategically poised for growth. With Rob, businesses find more than an accountant; they discover a trusted financial partner.

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